Skills Required for a PHP Laravel Programmer

PHP Laravel Programmer

Why Hire a PHP Laravel Programmer?

A PHP Laravel programmer is a software professional who specializes in the Laravel framework. As a popular open-source PHP framework, Laravel is widely known for its simple, elegant, and expressive syntax. It aims to make the development process easier for developers without compromising the functionality of web applications.

Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel creates web applications using Symfony under the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel’s source code is hosted in GitHub with an MIT license.

As we are all aware of , digitalization is taking over the world. From restaurants, to Alexa, to even robots that do pretty much everything, the digital era is growing at an exponential rate. And for many businesses, the best solution to adapt and thrive during these times is by having a digital presence. And PHP Laravel Programmers, thanks to this beautifully designed framework, can create and polish awesome web applications.

PHP Laravel Programmer Skills

Now, let’s get down to business. Whether you have upcoming interviews of candidates looking to fill the Laravel opening or already have some candidates selected, make sure they have what it takes before hiring them. This are the five skills every great Laravel developer has:

Web Development Skills

Laravel developers should be skilled in fundamental web technologies. This means they should know everything there is to know about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Otherwise, they won’t be able to pull off the application. Here is a detailed summary of why each of these programming languages is crucial for any web developer – not only Laravel.

  • HTML: Stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the core of websites. It uses tags to identify different types of content. In simple words, because of HTML, you can differentiate elements such as the headline, the body text, and the subheadings in a website.
  • CSS: Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Its primary function is to dictate the way the HTML elements of the website should be displayed on the front-end of the page. While HTML provides the tools for structuring the content, CSS makes it pretty, styling the content.
  • JavaScript: This logic-based programming language takes websites to an even higher level. One of its principal functions is to change the website content and make it behave differently. Think of all the call-to-actions or the confirmation boxes you see daily on websites; they were created with Javascript.

If a Laravel candidate isn’t skilled enough for those three programming languages, you definitely shouldn’t hire them.

Database Management Skills 

Laravel developers are experts in managing database systems. This implies that they can organize all the data from a company’s website, making it easier for end-users to quickly and effectively share the data across the organization. For example, if you have an organized database, you’ll understand how well your company is performing. Also, the aspects you can improve in the future. So, when interviewing Laravel candidates, make sure they have a solid understanding of this. Some of the most popular database management systems are Oracle 12c, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL.

Understanding OOP and MVC

As explained above, Lavarel is based on MVC architecture; it’s what makes projects easier to start with. And in terms of OOP is important to highlight that all frameworks are object-oriented mode; All of the techniques in Laravel are objected-oriented. So Laravel developers must understand classes, objects, methods, traits, etc.

Knowledge of Project Management Frameworks

Project Management frameworks are incredibly beneficial in tech. They provide a methodology that leads to successful outputs because they focus on the necessary tools, processes, and tasks needed to build a project from start to end. Some of the most popular project management frameworks are Agile and Waterfall.

Yet, this skill will mostly matter if you are looking for a developer who will be working on a project with other team members.

Soft Skills

Oh! The pleasure of hiring a Laravel programmer that besides doing an excellent job, you love talking with every day. But going even further, soft skills are something to watch for in interviews. You want someone in your team that besides being an excellent Laravel developer also has the skills below:

  • Knows how to work in a group, listens to others’ ideas, and provides their own.
  • Accepts criticism, and is always trying to be better
  • Provides creative solutions
  • Has great communication abilities
  • Distributes their time efficiently, and delivers tasks on time
  • Is self-reliant

There are plenty of methods of finding developers. However, not all of them work. For example, freelancing platforms or local recruitment agencies can limit your options and can be time-consuming.